A Logical Framework

What is Dedukti?

Dedukti is a logical framework based on the λΠ-calculus modulo in which many theories and logics can be expressed.

Where does the name "Dedukti" comes from?

"Dedukti" means "to deduce" in Esperanto.

How to get/install/use Dedukti?

See the GitHub repository.

See the manual for the current version (v2.5.1) of Dedukti.

There is also a tutorial.

Dedukti libraries

Manual developments

Generated libraries

Each tarball contains a Makefile in order to check the library. You may want to modify the variables DKDEP and DKCHECK that are the paths of the corresponding binaries.

Translators to Dedukti


Publications related to Dedukti

For an introduction to Dedukti, see this paper (examples used in the paper).